ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM: Massive Update Arrived!

October 2, 2017

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., announced that the multiplayer pirate RPG "One Piece 'Thousand Storm'" has undergone a huge update, and is reborn through a renewal!


Also, to commemorate this major update, players will be able to get 400 Ace character medals, 5 star scene cards with special moves, and other amazing presents by just logging in to the game before November 6th.



Update Details

Point 1: Battle action components have been increased to make it more fun!


(1) Players will be able to nimbly dodge enemies' attacks and strike back with special attacks! Players can now use a Quick Move, by flicking the screen during battle to quickly move their character! Keep an eye on your opponent's movements, and approach, evade, and attack!


(2) Different Type Actions for each character type!

New Type Actions are added - press and hold on the screen during battle to use different effects for each character type! Use the right moves for your battle conditions to gain an advantage!


Point 2: UI renewal! The app's boot and load time has been shortened!

The "My Page" function has been added to the home screen that appears after booting the app! Not only is it now easier to see the characters you can use in battle, it's also faster to move to Quests, Formation, and Summon! There's also a new matching system for multi-play quest challenges! You can enjoy multi-play battles more speedily now.


Point 3: Get your favorite characters! New Character Log Quests!

A new character log quest has been added, allowing players to get past characters at whenever you like! You can also get the character's scene card complete with special moves, so you can play with the character right away! Go ahead and get those characters you missed before!


Other renewal points making Thousand Storm easier to play!

*Community Lobby        

There are three lobbies: the "Free Tavern" for random guests, the "Power Tavern" for people with similar battle power, and the "Base" for your alliance members.

Choose whichever community you like to interact and multi-play with other users.


*Summon screen renewal

You can now see a demo animation of special moves.

It's now easier to check what effects the new moves have!


*Stamina system removed         

You no longer need to use stamina, so you can do as many quests as you like!


*Introducing beginner challenges         

There are now challenge missions for beginners! By unlocking the mission panels in order, you can earn rewards as you learn to play the game! Get stronger as you learn!




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* The information above is correct at time of writing. However, please be aware that game content, scheduling and available may be subject to change without prior notice.