March 11, 2013

Get ready to add fresh new costumes to Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3! The official website is now live to let you get your preorder and/or you Goku costumes DLC codes. 


The code you received if you preordered or the code provided in the game needs to be converted on the above website before you can redeem them on either the Playstation Network or the Xbox Live. 

The FAQ below is designed to help people who are facing issues with understanding/obtaining or using thier DLC codes. Please note we can only help those who live in UK, Nordic, Benelux and South Africa. All those living outside of these regions will need to contact their local customer support.

1/ Where can I get my Goku / 1000 points VIP corner code? 

Goku code / 1000 points VIP corner code are on one same code which can be found in the box when specified on the packaging. (Limited offer reserved to the units sold during launch period of the game) 


2/ Where can I get my 5 DLC costumes code? 

This code is delivered by retailers at the moment you purchase the game; if you pre-ordered the game. Please note that only retailers promoting this offer would supply the code. If you were supposed to receive a code and you haven’t, please contact the retailer where you purchased the game to check the reason why you haven’t. This was a limited promotion run with certain retailers and avalible in a limited number. Namco Bandai Games UK will not be able to supply codes to anyone who missed this promotion. 


3/ My code doesn’t work when entered above 

3.1/ Unique redemption codes The codes can be redeemed only once. 

If you have already entered it once, your code won’t work anymore. If you have registered with an email address, you will also receive an email with the corresponding redemption code unlocking your costumes on the platform. 


3.2/ Did you put the correct code above? 

The above platform allows you to retrieve a PSN code / Microsoft token but doesn’t give access to the costumes directly. Entering your PSN / XBL codes here will have no effect. If you have already received your PSN/XBL code you can enter these onto your console to obtain your costume. 


3.3/I’m entering the correct code into the website but it still says the code is invalid? 

Did you enter the code correctly? Please take time to make sure you are entering the code correctly into the website. 


3.4/ I have entered my code, the costume(s) have downloaded but I cannot find them/they don't seem to be working.

In rare cases such as these you may need to contact the relevent console supprot team:

4/ I entered my code on the website but not my email address and now I’ve lost my XboxLive/PSN code/code didn’t appear:

The codes can be redeemed only once. If you have lost your PSN/XboxLive code and did not enter your email address you will need to contact us on with the following information: 


  • Platform of the game: 
  • DLC that is not working (Goku/Costumes): 
  • Code printed on the flyer or given by the retailer (N3P3/N3XB): 
  • Code provided by the system that is not working: 
  • Details of the issue you are having:
  • Proof of purchase : 


5/ My codes do not work when entered on PlayStation®Network / Xbox LIVE® 

Have you checked you have received the code corresponding to the correct platform? This should be indicated on the leaflet/email you have received. 


6/ PlayStation®Network / Xbox LIVE® said my code has already been redeemed or my code is invalid: 

Anyone who had this issue prior to 7pm CET on Friday 8th of March and who added their email address when entering the code on the website should have automatically received a new code via email.

If you did not enter your email address or you have experienced this issue after Satruday 9th March please email us on with the following information so that we can send you a new code: 


  • Platform of the game: 
  • DLC that is not working (Goku/Costumes): 
  • Code printed on the flyer or given by the retailer (N3P3/N3XB): 
  • Code provided by the system that is not working: 
  • Error that is displayed on the PSN/Xbox Live: 
  • Proof of purchase : 


7/ How can I access my VIP corner points? 

Codes offered in the box allow you to access 1000 points on the VIP corner.* You need to register first to the VIP corner in order to redeem your code. You can access the VIP corner from here: 


7.1/ My VIP croner code doesn't work:

If you have attmpted to enter your VIP corner code and have followed the above information please email us with the following information:

  • Platform of the game: 
  • Code printed on the flyer or given by the retailer (N3P3/N3XB): 
  • Details of the issue you are having:
  • Proof of purchase : 


8/ Do I need to register with my email address to access my bonuses? 


8.1/ DLCs (Goku costume and 5 pre-order costumes DLC)

For the DLCs, it isn’t mandatory to register any email address. If you don’t however, at the moment you activate your code, make sure you note it down as there won’t be any way to display the message again. If you do, you will receive an email confirming you the code so that you can re-access your code later. (so it is important to register with a valid email address). 


8.2/ VIP Corner points For the VIP corner goodies.

It is mandatory to be registered in order to receive your points and claim goodies. If none of the above points helped you correcting your problem, please refer to your game manual to contact the relevant customer service.


9/ What about the languages options, are Japanese voiceover included?

ALL European editions of the game will have English and Japanese audio, with French, English, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles.English voiceovers are activated by default. Hit Triangle button (PS3) or Y button (Xbox 360) to get access to the option menu from welcome screen of the game to change the voiceover settings.


10/ Are the Reanimated Kage, Kinkaku, Ginkaku or the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist Playable?

No, these characters (excepted Zabuza) are included in the story mode but not playable in the Versus Mode

These characters can't be made playable through DLC.


11/ Are Downloadable Content (DLC scheduled for the game?

Yes. DLC will be announced later on. Downloadable content will include various sets of costumes.


12/ When playing online, the Win/Loss counter is acting weird. Is that a bug?

No. The number displaying the number of played matches is displayed on the right of the red icon but very close to the yellow icon that represent the number of won matches so this can be a bit confusing.The same thing applies fro the number of matches won, as it is very close to the blue icon representing the number of matches lost.See the reference below for better understanding.


13/ My Online Player card displays an inaccurate location...

This issue could not be observed during testing phase. Ensure your console region is properly set to 'Europe' and check again.Please message us with as much detail (screenshot, console and game settings...) as possible if you are facing this problem.


14/ I can't unlock some support type characters, what's going on?

If you had saves from previous Naruto Storm game Series that were automatically imported during first launch of Naruto shippuden Ultimate ninja Storm 3, a glitch may prevent you from unlocking additional type support for characters.This glitch has been identified and is currently being checked.

Great thanks to Simon Pahnke for his help to identify this issue.


15/ None of this is helping me!

Please read the FAQ throughly as the answer to your question may be above saving you time and effort. If you cannot find what you need please email us at: with the following information:

  • Platform of the game: 
  • As many details about the issue you are facing as possible:
  • Proof of purchase: 
Please note that customer services are open Monday to Friday 9 - 5 excluding public holidays.