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Namco Bandai please tell us if u r going to release a go vacation for the wii u because everyone wants a sequel and it would be amazing on wii u please confirm that a go vacation is going forward!!
Posted on May 29, 2013 at 4:37 PM
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  • Pardon me but what the hell is "Go vaction". Is it a crazy Japanese game? Should I have called it "GOOOO VACATION!!!! [smiley face]" ??
    Posted on  Aug 9, 2013 at  12:47 AM I like 0
  • This message has been deleted by JoshW10
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  • I dont know what it is either, I'm gussjng its like lets go jungle or something .?
    Posted on  Oct 29, 2013 at  3:35 PM I like 0
    Cooper 2 maybe 3.
  • Bobmanbob said:
    Pardon me but what the hell is "Go vaction". Is it a crazy Japanese game? Should I have called it "GOOOO VACATION!!!! [smiley face]" ??

    A title of a wii u game :D
    lol i would not waste my vacation just for this game:D
    Posted on  Oct 29, 2013 at  9:36 PM I like 0
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  • I hope they do. The 50+ games are enjoyable enough, and I'm sure they have learned a thing or two to improve on them since Go Vacation was released plus their recent experience with involvement in Wii Sports Club (how about a really awesome mini-golf for example or even some bowling at one of the resorts for example). Beyond that, I also use Kawawii as my (virtual) jogging scenery while running in place with the Wii U Fit Meter. The island is huge and rather well detailed making for some really awesome scenery compared to Wuhu and I like using the Nunchuck controller to be able to have my Mii go off in ANY direction I feel like. Would be awesome in high def and would love to share images on Miiverse. I do hope they open up the City Resort though... I would love to go running out along the bridge, through the various parks, etc. All those barriers make the city resort feel a LOT smaller than the other resorts on Kawawii and I'm not sure why they are there (gone for some of the games so obviously modeled). Also, as someone in the US, I also would hope that they would make ALL music available in the game (I really like the original non-US intro music. Don't get me wrong, the US intro theme is also great... I just would like the choice of having both - even just as another song that plays in the background during gameplay at the resorts).
    Posted on  Jan 9, 2014 at  4:57 AM I like 2
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  • I would really like a sequel of go vacation maybe one or two new resorts, more vehicles, a larger area of the resorts ,more activities. imagine: cross the marine resort with a hang glider , having the option to build things in resorts, take pictures with the gamepad and publish the Miiverse. a vehicle that would be good for the marine resort was a motorized surf board or an 1 vs 3 activity , like "try to knock your friends at the sea"
    Posted on  Apr 28, 2014 at  9:37 PM I like 1
  • Any news about Go Vacation for Wii U yet?
    Posted on  Nov 26, 2014 at  6:14 AM I like 0
    Go Vacation Fun Master!
  • I just posted something too cause this game is amazing, the nintendo gtaV
    Posted on  Jun 17, 2015 at  5:29 PM I like 1
  • Yes they need a new go vacation even for switch but its unlikely but it would be awesome if they did make a go vacation 2
    Posted on  Jul 13, 2017 at  9:07 PM I like 1

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