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[PETITION] Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Remake for PS3/PS4/Xbox 360 & 1???

Since Namco Bandai made a remake of Dragon Ball Z Budokai, who here thinks that they should do the same to Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 or even just the whole of the Tenkaichi series? Personally I love Tenkaichi 3 and I would say it is the best DBZ game out there till this very day!
There is a petition going on to get Bandai to make the game, so come and help sign the petition and hopefully Bandai will acknowledge it and make the game

What are you're thoughts about remaking the game?
Posted on Apr 22, 2014 at 6:17 AM
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  • Hi bionicle357,

    I wish you luck with your petition. But you should know that it is very difficult for Bandai Namco to "remake" or release a "HD Collection" of the BT Series.
    Thanks to Treevax, (who managed to ask about the possibility of a HD/Remake of BT) here is what we discovered:

    Treevax: Will there ever be a Tenkaichi HD Collection?

    Bandai Namco Partners: First, you must know that making the Budokai HD Collection has been a real copyright maze. This is one of the reasons why we didn’t have Budokai 2 in the collection. Though, they succeeded into obtaining the rights, and made the game.

    Treevax states in his report notes: I’ve been told that making Tenkaichi HD Collection would be even more complicated. Thus, it might never been made, because of copyright issues (game content, BGM…).

    You can see the original article by Treevax here:
    Short report - Namco Bandai Partners staff, 02/08/2013.
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  • Hey guys,

    But what about a re-release as a PS2 Classic on the Playstation Network Store? I would happily pay 30€ for this masterpiece of a game, it is the only reason my ps2 is still hooked up to my TV to this day.

    Posted on  Apr 25, 2014 at  7:26 AM I like 8
  • DBZ Battle of Z 2 is better!! Look at this potential theorized roster that Battle of Z 2 could have!!

    Battle of Z has the best gameplay, 4 players online co-op, lobby ssytem, features, card system, battlefields, modes, everything Battle of Z is the best direction for the franchise and can be improved further. ^_^ Namco Bandai and Artdink are geniuses to create DBZ Battle of Z!!!! It deserves more sequels!!!! Tenkaichi didn't reach its peak until 3 games, Battle of Z can match and surpass its roster and stuff with a 1 to 2 more sequels!!
    They can double the 4 players co-op supported missions (60 new missions added, 120 missions total.), double the stages, double the roster, double the cards (up to +200 stats), new ultimates, and more!!
    Posted on  Apr 29, 2014 at  10:22 PM , updated on Apr 29, 2014 at 9:24 PM by affinity I like 2
  • Yep there should definetly be a remake plus they should make a dlc port for budokai 2 as that was a pretty solid game!!
    Posted on  Jun 19, 2014 at  8:18 AM I like 0
  • That would be great since there hasn't been a Dragon Ball game as good as Tenkaichi 3. It would also be nice if they could include exclusive characters, but that'll probably never happen.
    Posted on  Jun 23, 2014 at  9:16 PM I like 4
  • Your right i did the petention or how you ride it 5 time zo people from earth Give The Energy To Save dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 HD
    Posted on  Jul 1, 2014 at  6:52 PM I like 3
  • I agree with catlin. Why not release it on these systems as classics? Lately classics have become popular on today's systems and at least get tenkaichi 3 out. The profits teceived because of its high demand should be worth considering to work through the "copyright maze" so you can receive the profits and satisfy the gamers. It should be a win-win for both the company and the gamers. Please consider it.

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  • I was introduced to this game about a year ago, by a friend who has been a die-hard DBZ fan for years. I never watched the show myself, but I love a good fighting game - and this is hands down, the best fighting game I have ever played! It took me a long time to track down a used copy for Wii, and now that I finally have it, I have not stopped playing it for several months, and with great enthusiasm. I was disappointed, however, to discover that the online feature is "no longer supported", because the friend who introduced me to this game now lives far away, and I found the competitive aspect of the game to be one of it's most attractive features.
    I am hoping that if it were re=released, the online feature would be reactivated, and I would be able to challenge players from all over the world who are much better than me, because getting my ass kicked a few times gets me pumped to become better at a game - half the fun of a fighting game, IMO, is the epic come back after intense training.
    Posted on  Aug 21, 2014 at  1:33 PM I like 0
  • A remake would definitely be cool but i understand about the copyright problems. The Dragon Ball franchise seems to be quite difficult to get hold of no matter what media it is. I mean we only just started getting the anime series on dvd here in the last two years :O
    Posted on  Oct 30, 2014 at  7:42 PM I like 1
    Yo. I'm here for One Piece and Naruto :)
  • why not just start a kickstarter this way namco bandai doesn't have to invest in the copyright issue all we need namco bandai to do is make a kickstarter out of it and we games will invest. It would be free momeny for them.

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