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Alchemy formulae locations in Ni No Kuni

This post will contain spoilers so be warned!

After playing quite a lot of hours of Ni No Kuni I was still unable to find some basic formulae. So in an effort to make them easier to find for all of us, I started this thread. This is a work in progress, a lot of info needs to be added so I ask people to contribute as well :)

There are a total of 134 formulae in the game, many of them can be obtain by talking to the NPCs as well as by completing errands.

Castaway Cove:
After getting your swimming suits, talk to the lady standing on a boat who is wearing a red turban. She will give you the next formulae: Sandwich (003), Fishburger (002), Strong coffee (007), Cappuccino (008), Milk Chocolate (013), Creamy flan (018), Carrot cake (023), Sour Sundae (028), Sweetie pie (033) and Salted Ice cream (038).

After completing Errand 076 you get: Candle Cutter (052), Divine Dagger (054), Watchmaker's Ax (057), Knucklebone Claws (069), Toughened Armor (077), Scale Shield (089), Stripy Cloak (098), Breezy Cloak (099), Poisoned Fang (105) and Stalwart Scale (110).

Man outside Swift Solutions gives you: Cheeseburger (003), Espresso (009), Phoenix Breath (011), Fairy Chocolate (014), Babana Flan (019), Carnation Cake (024), Wildflower Sundae (029), See-Through Pie (034), Ruby Ripple Ice Cream (039), Clockwork Ax (058), Bone Mail (078), Eagle Eye Cloak (100), Soulfang Necklace (116) and Bracer Badge (122).

Skull Mountain:

Soldier in Kublai's ship, after helping Kublai.

The fishing snow person.

Boy standing with his sister.

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  • That's great work, but I think a list already exists on the other sites. I recommend this guide:

    This one has a list based on the recipe number:
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  • Like Chrono said, there already exist a couple of guides out there. BUT! If you want to post your own guide or tip, please do it as a tip here :)

    This topic will be closed within days.
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  • Awww :(
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  • thx,i really needed this
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