Naruto UNS3 Getting an S rank in the final battle Legend.

First of all your going to need some bento preferably the lightning lunch which gives you Max attack and defence. Bento will last for the first reanimated jinchuriki fight and the tailed beasts form fight but will not be active for the bijuu mode fight but is definitely worth it. you will also want to use the hero item set list with items that recover your health and any others of your choosing as Health goes towards points at the end of the battles. For the reanimated jinchuriki fight i don't have a certain order in which to take them out they are all difficult i just took them out in the order it was locked onto them. when you reach the last jinchuriki heal yourself fully as this will get you an S rank when you defeat them and will keep you well prepared for next fight.

The tailed beast mode fight is probably the toughest I only got a B rank in it but was enough with my other 3 S's to give me an overall S rank. Same again no particular order for taking them down just make sure you jump and chakra dash towards them to ensure no ground attacks damage you. the aim of this fight is to keep your health as high as possible to get the best score at the end. its all pretty basic until the last two jinchuriki 4 tails and 7 tails. i suggest taking down 7 tails first seen as if you try to take out the four tails first, the seven tails keeps hitting you with range attacks. also use Bee as much as possible he is a big help in this fight and make sure you get all the stars in cinematic stages as this also goes to points.

For the bijuu fight it is easy just stay back and keep charging your chakra and using tail beast bomb this will drop there health by about half each time, dont forget to block occasionally as they all use ranged attacks but with large breaks inbetween so plenty of time to charge, if they have a bit of health left don't waste time charging just use range attacks to kill them off quick.

and the final fight naruto vs tobi this is back to a standard fight so i trust you will all be able to just whoop tobi for the S rank on this fight make sure to keep blocking and subbing to keep your health up for the s rank and dont miss the stars in cinematics.

any questions just ask :) good luck
Posted on Mar 11, 2013 at 2:47 PM
Nacho NUclei
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  • I think the best order to take down the jinchurikis is starting with Utakata, who's very annoying with the bubble-ranged attack, while dodging Roshi's lava ninjutsu; then I usually switch to Yugito because of her nasty charge, then I slay Han. Once the five-tail is down, I switch to Roshi, then Fuu and finally Yagura. I keep Roshi among the last ones because his lava technique is easy do dodge, whilst Han's double flying kick and Yugito's charge are not so easy to deal with, that's why I recommend to kill them as soon as they pop up into the arena. About the second part, what I find difficult is to dodge the Three Tails spinning charge, so I came up with a strategy: when it starts to charge its spin, just keep moving sideways, running left and right continuously; and don't know wether it's a bug or not, but it will stop charging most of the times. Using the Hachibi to prevent it form charging could also be a solution. The Seven Tails ranged attack can be negated with a chakra shrunken throw.
    Hope this post was useful, good luck minna
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  • thank you
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    kim petersen the king
  • i thought the amount of time you took to finsh the fight, as well as how you finised were more important then how much health you had left at the end of the fight. even though having lots of health helps boost the number of points you get for winning.
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  • No not yet i'm still trying to figure that out I can get a S in Sakura, Lee and Kakashi's fights but when I do Guy's I get a D rank even if I 100% health the fight. But as soon as I know I will post.
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    Nacho NUclei
  • kk thanks but do you have any tips on the hero fight of the seven ninja swordsmen
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