How to easily Level/Gald grind in Tales of Xillia

This guide will tell you how you can easily level up in Tales of Xillia.
Using this method, you will be able to grind for EXP and for Gald. It will help unlock the following trophies:
Jude – Black Belt
Milla – Lord of Spirits
Alvin – Mercenary Legend
Elise – Graduate Channeler
Rowen – Genius Tactician
Leia – Grandmaster-to-Be
The gald can be put towards trophies such as:
Item Fanatic
Item/Weapon/Armour/Accessory/Food Magnate
For this method, ‘Grandmaster’ in the coliseum (situated in Xian Du) will need to be unlocked. Simply pass the Beginner and Advanced Single modes plus the Beginner and Advanced Group modes once to unlock it.
Equip Rowen with the ‘Fireball’ Arte (equip on the O button is recommended) and a Dark Seal accessory (Accessory shop level 80 / a chest in Nia Khera Hallowmont). Before entering the Grandmaster level in the coliseum, use a Spicy Chicken Roll dish (unlocked after reaching Leronde).
As soon as the fight starts, start pressing the O button (or whichever button you equipped the arte to). If you keep pressing it in succession, the enemy will be caught in your attack as Rowen can ‘tune’ the arte to hit multiple times if the O button is continuously pressed. The enemy always starts at the opposite side of the arena from you, and will run towards you in a straight line. Not only does Fireball travel down this straight line, it can also cause the ailment Burn, only use one CC and will be cast quick enough that the enemy will have little time to counter attack. It also uses hardly any TP.
If done correctly, the battle will be over in around 30 seconds. You will earn 20,000 EXP plus 150% extra for Rowen because he is equipped with Dark Seal. You will also earn 10,000 Gald for the battle and an extra 12,500 Gald from the coliseum for winning the fight. If it is your first time completing the mode, you will also unlock Rowen’s special weapon ‘Pointing Stick’ and instead receive 50,000 Gald instead of 12,500 Gald.
This is a mindless method and is recommended for those of you who are tired of traipsing round fields.

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Rowen - [Spirit Guardian]
Elise - [Soul Drainer]
Alvin - [Deft Breaker]
Jude - [Yeoman Healer]
Leia - [Career Thief]
Milla - [Skilled Binder]
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  • thank you !
    Posted on  Mar 13, 2015 at  2:48 PM I like 0
    games fan.
  • Ah i see thats a really good method. It beats running around the optional dungeon in post-game trying to max everybody out anyway xD Thanks!
    Posted on  Oct 30, 2014 at  8:48 PM I like 0
    Yo. I'm here for One Piece and Naruto :)
  • Sounds like an interesting method :) gonna try it out today
    Posted on  Jan 30, 2014 at  2:27 PM I like 0
    Classviper rules!
  • I like this method, but for me, just fighting the last boss was quicker. Well, the last boss gives 100,000 EXP with the Dark Seal equipped, and with the Spicy Chicken bonus, but the boss before that gives another 80,000 EXP! And because you can have a clear game save, you can fight the final boss indefinitely!
    Posted on  Jan 21, 2014 at  5:16 PM I like 0
    Use brings about wear, tear and rust. And that's a real waste
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  • Maybe it's me, but the Demon Seal also inflicts the character with Arte Seal so Rowen will be unable to cast Fireball with that accessory equipped. Next to that I managed to defeat the first enemy (Leia) within the aforementioned 30 seconds (without equiping Demon Seal of course), but then the battle proceeded with me having to fight Alvin and Elize at the same time which then quickly ended in Rowen getting killed. So basically the description you posted doesn't work at all. Or am I missing something?
    Posted on  Oct 26, 2013 at  10:14 AM I like 8
  • Thanks this should speed up my levelling :)
    Posted on  Sep 1, 2013 at  8:36 PM I like 1
    Big what, wanna fight about it?
  • Thank you for this guide, I was stuck on a boss.
    Posted on  Aug 27, 2013 at  12:04 AM I like 1
  • Thanks for the help ;) Will take use of this for sure
    Posted on  Aug 24, 2013 at  10:48 PM I like 1
    Happy to play ;)
  • It sounds like a pretty good & easy way to farm gald later on in the game so I'm sure it will ^_^
    Posted on  Aug 22, 2013 at  10:21 PM I like 1
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