Do you want the perfect familiars? Ni No Kuni evolution tip!

If you are like me and want to have the perfect familiars (meaning, to achieve their highest stats possible) you have to let your familiar completely evolve before you want them to undertake metamorfosis.

It has been already tested that a familiar who underwent metamorphosis before completely evolving, will have lower stats than a familiar who was allowed to evolve completely. This takes a lot of extra time of course so it is your choice.

It is of course possible to finish the game with familiars who didn't evolve completely :)
Posted on Feb 7, 2013 at 1:00 PM
Praise the Sun!
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  • try it
    Posted on  May 5, 2013 at  8:01 PM I like 2
    kim petersen the king
  • good tip
    Posted on  May 4, 2013 at  7:30 PM I like 3
    kim petersen the king
  • Just like pokemon, thanks for the tip.
    Posted on  Feb 27, 2013 at  1:42 PM I like 11
  • didn't know this :/ thanks!
    Posted on  Feb 21, 2013 at  7:20 PM I like 11
  • Thanks for this will keep an eye on it as i go along
    Posted on  Feb 19, 2013 at  4:37 AM I like 10
    I'm gonna reach for the stars
  • Nice one thank you!
    Posted on  Feb 13, 2013 at  10:48 AM I like 10
  • I wish I could have know it earlier but at least I managed to completely evolve a couple of familiars in my party :D
    Posted on  Feb 12, 2013 at  10:49 PM I like 11
    Praise the Sun!
  • Yeah I didn't realise that Familiars reach a certain point before they can't power-up any further, and because of that I had evolved a few as soon as they learnt all their moves. I've not made the same mistake on other familairs though, but this does mean more battles...which also means i'm ending at a much higher level than I should be which in turn means it's harder to fight familiars who keep on running away from me.
    Posted on  Feb 12, 2013 at  3:09 AM I like 12
    I'm gonna be the Pirate King!!
  • oh that was very helpful
    thanks a lot ~
    Posted on  Feb 11, 2013 at  12:47 AM I like 14
    Haru ~
  • Very useful thanks
    Posted on  Feb 10, 2013 at  6:46 PM I like 12
    I Stand for the light, but kneel for the darkness...

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