Ace Combat Infinity - The Best plane for the job.

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No one like to hear some stupid banter so here I go.

First of all if possible get a special Aircraft.

Right now as of the moment I type this tip, the constellation themed 'F/A-18F -Sagittarius-' is up for grabs.

Special aircraft are theme based, like the constellation based mentioned above, the Area 88 collaboration and Tekken anniversary. Getting these aircraft isn't just a piece of cake but they're worth the effort you put in them. They have stat's better than their standard counterpart and will be a great boon if you can get your hands on them.

Plus the Infinity team has always one event or another that offer's some cool aircraft but let me warn you in advance, if it's a ranked event you might have to work like hell to get the craft.

Now coming to the standard aircrafts

It depends on your cliche, For tier I

Air Superiority

F-5E (A recent addition)


Now coming to the topic, the best plane for the job.

There are mission like the Alps that favors Air to Air combatants and there mission like Moscow that favors air to ground.

You are allowed to have 4 set's so you can assign one for the Fighter, attacker and multirole each and still have one left for your special/Favorite craft.

Personally I have a F-15J Tiger for the fighter, A-10A-GR- for attacker, JAS-39C as a multirole and an F-20A TigerShark for the heck of it.

As I said above, Special aircraft are a boon. Though if you don't have them then I have some mid tier plane for you.

Fighter F-14D Super Tomcat

Multirole F-16F Falcon

Attacker Su-25TM Frogfoot or AV-8B Harrier II plus

Now, Acquiring the plane

Please don't make the novice mistake of every other Tree/Tier based game. You don't have to gun for all the planes at once! If the Fighter suits your style it is definitely better to save/go for F-14A rather than getting Frog foot or Tiger II

The first Tier I plane you unlock depends on what is your play style!

You can choose any Tier I plane and then give it a go at the Training(Go to campaign,Test flight.)

As training doesn't consumes fuel you'll just spend some credits on your plane set and get around 20 plus minute with your ride.

Test out the turn rate and stall speed and get familiar with the plane. If its good then fly a co-op mission and after that you're happy with the results then Viola! Otherwise you might get another plane.

This way of trial and error is the best to find a good plane for yourself! if you have previously played an Ace Combat title and have a preference of your plane then who am I stopping you!?

I only mentioned the lower tiered one because after that you'll no longer need to think or need a tip in my opinion but feel free to contact me in case you have a doubt.

Finally, My personal opinion.

Going for the JAS-39C Gripen requires effort but in my opinion it is a plane that will suit well with most of the player and at the same time you get to unlock two parts. Though if you don't want to unlock the part then go for the F/A-18F Super Hornet

Generally having a multirole at hand is a good as it helps you deal enough damage to take out those nasty and tough ground unit while at the same time have enough mobility and speed to chase down some air targets.

The only con to this is that they're jack of all trades yet master of none(At least at first.)

Meaning that while you can tackle both air and ground threat equally, it will require more efforts to deal with those Special/Red targets.

The same applies to both fighter and attacker

Fighter can take down those pesky planes easily but don't count on it while attacking any tough ground unit. You'll have to make at least two passes to get the tough nut down.

While the Attacker can easily pound the ground units but don't count on it to chase any plane. You might as well bring some popcorn along for the ride.

That ends my tip, if you have any question or doubt feel free to keep them to yourself-
Just kidding! :p

You can contact me or reply to this tip and I'll get to you as soon as possible.......
(If I have an answer, otherwise I'll just send you a great joke.)
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