Ace Combat infinity - Some Advice for beginner's

Hello there, this is my first time posting a tip.
It is best to do the tutorial challenges the first thing as soon as you start playing, they might look petty but you will be assigned reward for completing basic stuff like opening stats or flying a fighter or attacker at first. Though as you progress the challenge's will get more tougher as in it will ask you to go for SU-24M or upgrade a plane to level 5. From this point on it is completely your choice to pursue the challenges
Now the game play
One efficient way to progress is to daily log in for the first 10 days, getting the beginner drop. The best choice is to gun for F-14A, as this opens a lot of options in term of planes and parts. Though it is just one way, we play the game because it is fun, not a job so if you want a different end tier plane you are free to take the Mig-29's path(The upper path) or the SU-24M's path(The lower path)
Secondly give priority to unlocking higher tier plane and parts over anything else. You can always play the campaign later.
And lastly, how to get the most out of the least.
At first you might think that it is better to go for aerial targets as they are usually worth more points but in reality the ground targets are easier to aim at as they are usually immobile and at the same time they're plenty in number.
That's it for now folks! The tip might not suit everyone's taste but at least it's something
Posted on Nov 27, 2014 at 11:02 AM
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