100+ Combo in Tales of Xillia

Hello everyone! I noticed a lack of Tales of Xillia tips on this site and decided to do something about that. I’ll be sure not to include spoilers in this tip. This is my first tip, yay!
These tips are for the +100 combo trophy you can unlock. I’ve found 2 ways to do this – both equally easy in my opinion. One way is definitely more popular though.
First way – Jude and Leia’s double-act
This is the way I actually unlocked the trophy (by chance though). After reaching the village Ni Akeria (ニ・アケリア), enter the field to the north-east, the Sugudo Wet Road (ソグド湿道).
Here you will find very powerful enemies with (at the time) a lot of HP compared to your characters. Not only will you get a lot of EXP for defeating them, they also make great targets for the trophy we’re after. The Gentlemen enemies we all know and love are the enemy of choice, so I suggest fighting battles until you find one (they only seem to appear in-battle instead of out in the actual field).
Play as Jude and link with Leia. Have whoever you want as the other two characters. I suggest putting them to “defend only” AFTER you have defeated every enemy except the one you will be performing the combo move on. If your characters die easily in battles with these enemies you may not even have to do this – just let them fight/heal normally (your Attack may not be high enough to kill the Gentlemen before finishing the combo).
Basically from here just corner a Gentlemen with Jude and Leia. Keep pressing the O button until your combo gauge fills to 100. I think I hit 200 before I actually killed the Gentlemen. For some reason Leia seems to be able to keep an amazingly long combo with Jude without it breaking (unless of course Jude or Leia gets attacked or dies).
((If someone has more info on Jude and Leia’s amazing combo abilities do tell me and I’ll update this tip.))
Second way – Milla’s ‘Negative Holder’ ability
Milla has an ability that lets you pull off large combos using only her. The move ‘Negative Holder’ obviously needs to be equipped on her for this to work. Either equip the ‘1 Damage’ technique or if you’re confident she’s extremely weak, do without. Find some enemies, let the other characters kill off all but one, then set them all to defend mode. Make Milla hit the remaining enemy until she’s down to 1 AC and then crank out Negative Holder. Repeat. And repeat again. Repeat until the enemy is either dead or you have a 100+ combo. Warning: do NOT have 2 Negative Holders going at once or it will break the combo. Wait for the first Negative Holder to end before using it again.
NOTE: I suggest having Elise in these battles, her healing abilities will be needed against the enemies in the Sugudo area. You may die a lot if you don't go back to Ni Akeria to heal often.
Milla’s method is the more popular method it seems. The first method to my knowledge hasn’t been mentioned anywhere. Hmm.
Obviously with Tales of Xillia not being released in English yet, place names may not be relevant to said release. Again, if I get any info on those place names and I’ll update my tip. Also, excuse the bad Japanese translation. I added in the Japanese text because my romanji is probably pretty wobbly-bobbly.
Posted on May 30, 2013 at 11:27 PM
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